Mads (socialchameleon) wrote,

I'm coming off my first ever night shift and I feel cocked. I got home at about 7:30 this morning after being awake for over a day. I felt like a zombie. I was quite impressed with myself how I managed to cope with the night and only had periods of extreme tiredness. I was quite busy last night and it really postponed all the crappy feelings. I assisted in two emergency c-sections. This is the first time I've ever been in theatre after 2 am and it was a tad surreal. Because of the whole after hours thing, it was all so much more relaxed and there was a good sense of fun and frivolity. During the second section I was the sole assistant (the registrar specifically asked if I could hang about to help with him the procedure) which meant I had to do a lot of holding and shoving and stuff. But this stage it was about 4am (the epidural having taken 50 fucking minutes to work) and my brain was fried. I had to think extra hard about which was my right and which was my left hand and what I was supposed to do with each. Fortunately, with all my extra concentrating I didn't fuck anything up and the lady delivered a beautiful baby girl. After that I was able to help deliver my first normal delivery. It was actually less disgusting than the movies and pictures lead you to believe, but good god it looks like hard work. Still, again, the bub was beautiful and I successfully delivered the placenta all by myself!

I've had about 5 hours sleep but i find it really odd to sleep though the day. I had one of those eye masks on but it didn't seem to override my brain knowing that my bedroom was very light. So I'm still feeling a little groggy, but I'm hoping a shower and a game of hockey will sort that out!
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